\ by Polly Norton


\ by Polly Norton

There is something devilish about these pastel illustration. Each has its own wicked name like ‘The devil wears nada’ or ‘Look Sxc Liv Yolo’. The quirky illustration presents the character of the female with the devil in action. The art pieces she the female figures enjoying the nature of desire and what is deemed as the dark side

She gave interview about her inspiration;

“Other than that I’m really into Japanese Shunga [erotica] and spend way too much time on the Internet, which has really influenced my work. Not to sound like a total creep, but my phone is full of screen shots of other people’s selfies, memes and break-up Tweets. I draw a lot of inspiration from them.”

Read more of her interview on Cool Hunting.


Norton uses the name of Polly Nor and you can follow her here;

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