\ by Jon Rolph

Painting, with Lego!

\ by Jon Rolph

The stop-motion film has been released by CheesyBricks on YouTube and it’s been quickly picked up by many art blogs. The artist behind it is Jon Rolph, the UK-based animator / film-maker. In this Painting, with Lego, you will see the Piet Mondrian’s famous painting style – just on / by / from the Lego blocks! Fun and cleaver!

Actually, he has enjoyed creating short films with those Lego bricks for a while now, like Muybridge’s Horse in Motion or Egg – Easter 2014.

TGIF everyone!

He features his works on various channels! You can check out more of his art works on his website, Tumblr and YouTube.

For his latest updates and work process are on his Twitter and Facebook here!